Arrest warrant on former MP Hirunika revoked

Arrest warrant on former MP Hirunika revoked

Former parliamentarian and Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) member, Hirunika Premachandra clarified reports that she had failed to appear before the Colombo High Court today. The case was filed over the abduction of a youth in December 2015.

Premachandra said that the Colombo High Court had issued an arrest warrant claiming that she had not appeared in Court, while she was on the premises, feeding her 1 ½-month-old child inside her vehicle.

The Judge had withdrawn the warrant issued to arrest her after her lawyer had later informed the Judge that she was within the premises attending to her child.

After the warrant was withdrawn the judge announced that after taking into consideration that Premachandra had appeared for every court hearing and had only failed to appear in court today.

The former MP stated that many women with infants’ face difficulties when appearing in court as there isn’t any suitable place for them to attend to the needs of their kids.

She further called on the Minister of Justice, Ali Sabry to ensure that a separate area is allocated to mothers with infants who are required to attend court sessions along with their children.