Auspicious or Suspicious Times

Auspicious or Suspicious Times

My dear Sinna,

Just a few lines da to talk about this subject whilst waiting for the auspicious times to cook eat oil the body and so on.

Auspicious or Suspicious Times

I couldn’t help but notice a wee storm in an expresso cup.

The storm was a sort of move to streamline the auspicious times like they ought to for the sighting of the moon for practitioners of the Islamic faith.

Now that we collectively in sri lanka are trying to crawl out of the economic mire we are in, does this mean that not only did our economists get it horribly wrong but also our Astrologists get it spectacularly wrong?

I mean can we not sue all these folks who gave us the auspicious times for the betterment of our country and we boiled the milk and did all that with absolute faith for 76 years and we are still not like Singapore are we?

I mean it’s like false and misleading – Sinna if dear Sarath N S was still at Hultsdorf I would probably have seriously considered a consultation to check if we could have a case against these chaps for misleading the population.

I mean we’ve done this 76 times and seem to be stuck in a rut are we not?

Sinna, here’s wishing you and everyone else on “The Brief” a wonderful New Year ( I can’t bring myself to say Sinhala and Tamil New Year as it conjures up racism in my mind.)

And Sinna if you are asking if you should follow the auspicious times my advisory would be to err on the side of caution and follow carefully. Just in case.

All the best
The man in braces.