BREAKING NEWS: Four killed in Kosgoda shooting incidents

BREAKING NEWS: Four killed in Kosgoda shooting incidents

Four people have been killed in three shooting incidents carried out in the Kosgoda area in Galle, earlier this morning.

Police Media Spokesperson, Superintendent, Ruwan Gunasekara said that the shooting incidents have been carried out in the areas of Kurudugahapiyasa, Manikgama and Laliheththuwayuda Pittaniya.

A 15-year-old student has sustained injuries following the first shooting incident, that has been reported from the Kurudugahapiyasa area.

A 39-year-old person has been killed following the second shooting incident, carried out in the Manikgama area.

A 52-year-old father and his two sons aged 13 and 30 have been killed following the shooting incident carried out in the Laaliheththuwayuda Pittaniya area.

According to the police media spokesperson, it has been revealed that four suspects who arrived on two motorcycles had carried out the shooting with the use of T-56 firearms.

Further investigations are underway.