CBK Admits Mistake in Supporting Sirisena Presidency

CBK Admits Mistake in Supporting Sirisena Presidency

Former Sri Lankan President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, now the Patron of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), delivered a stark critique of the current political climate in Sri Lanka during a recent address.

Kumaratunga expressed her concerns about the prevailing state of politics, emphasizing the pursuit of power through questionable means and the prevalence of dynastic politics within the nation.

Kumaratunga highlighted the troubling trend of individuals with dubious backgrounds occupying positions of power, noting the need for a departure from such practices.

Refusing to align herself with the current political establishment, she declined an offer to chair the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, citing her commitment to ethical governance.

“Today, our political leaders behave as though there was never an Aragalaya, at least from what I can observe. I find it baffling—the state of politics today. It seems the entire nation is bent on pursuing power through unsavory means. Merely holding onto power seems to be sufficient, enjoying the perks that accompany it, regardless of the consequences for the country or its people. I have never engaged in such politics,” she said.

Responding to allegations of potential collaboration between the SLFP and the United National Party (UNP), Kumaratunga vehemently denied any intention to support the UNP, reaffirming her dedication to strengthening the SLFP.

She expressed confidence in the party’s potential for revitalization through the infusion of new leadership.

Addressing questions about potential presidential candidates from the SLFP, Kumaratunga acknowledged the party’s current challenges and emphasized the need for concerted efforts to rebuild its strength.

She lamented missed opportunities in the past and underscored the importance of strategic planning and unity within the party.

Regarding recent media briefings by SLFP members at various locations, Kumaratunga cautioned against actions that could further divide party supporters.

Reflecting on her own political journey, Kumaratunga reiterated her commitment to stepping away from active politics at a designated age, contrasting her approach with those who cling to power beyond their term.

She acknowledged her return to politics in 2015, driven by a desire for honest leadership, but expressed disappointment in the outcome.

“When I assumed office, I made a commitment to the people that I would step away from active politics at the age of sixty. Unlike some, I refuse to cling to power with a wheelchair and a walking stick. True to my word, I retired from politics in 2005 upon reaching sixty years of age. For years thereafter, I remained steadfast in my resolve, resisting any attempts by the Rajapaksas to draw me back into the political arena. Despite their relentless efforts to undermine me after handing over the leadership of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, I held my ground against their onslaught. However, circumstances compelled me to reenter politics in 2015. I united several parties to form an alliance, driven by our shared aspiration for a leadership untainted by corruption and deceit. Yet, our ambitions were dashed. It became increasingly evident to me that post-2019, the prospect of clear and honest leadership in our nation was dim,” she elaborated

Responding candidly to inquiries about Maithripala Sirisena’s presidency, Kumaratunga admitted regret over supporting his candidacy and sought to rectify the decision through legal avenues.

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