The Day Brief of December 27, 2017

1. Local Government election campaigns gather momentum: UNP breakaway groups say they decided to contest independently because they cannot go to the villages as UNPers, after the Bond Scam

2. JVP makes a major effort to distance itself from the original unofficial “UNP-SLFP-JVP Coalition” that ruled the country for nearly three years: JVP Leader Anura Kumar Dissanayake now says PM Ranil got “Arjuna’s Magic Lamp” after he became PM

3. New Year gloom: Doctors threaten strike on January 10th

4. Central Bank confirms that it received USD 292.1 million to the credit of the Government’s account from the sale of the Hambantota Port: however, no mention made so far that the loan taken to build the Port has been settled, as originally stated by PM Wickremesinghe

5. State Enterprise Minister Kabir Hashim who is responsible for the operations of Sri Lankan Airlines says he is unaware of the decision by the Board Members of Sri Lankan Airlines to resign

6. Jaffna rocked with fears of ghosts, after nine members of a single family die suddenly and mysteriously over a few days: 3 men, 4 women and 2 children

7. Several legal Counsel allege that the evidence against the Naval heroes who made the detection of the haul of 1,008 kgs of explosives that prevented a massive calamity in Colombo has been “concocted” by interested parties

8. UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in Sri Lanka says the President’s exercise of the Presidential pardon must be regulated: President Sirisena pardons and releases 526 prisoners for Christmas

9. President Sirisena thanks Russia for lifting ban on Sri Lankan tea: maintains silence about Sri Lanka lifting ban on Russian asbestos

10. Begging in the City of Colombo to be prohibited from January 1, 2018: Minister P C Ranawaka says helpless beggars will be well-cared for the rest of their lives

Have a “well-cared” Wednesday

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