Democratic countries to rival China’s belt and road?

Democratic countries to rival China’s belt and road?

During a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, United States President Joe Biden said he suggested that democratic countries should have an infrastructure plan to rival China’s Belt and Road initiative.

“I suggested we should have, essentially, a similar initiative, pulling from the democratic states, helping those communities around the world that, in fact, need help,” Biden told reporters.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a multitrillion-dollar infrastructure scheme launched in 2013 by President Xi Jinping involving development and investment initiatives that would stretch from East Asia to Europe.

The program was originally intended to unite the Asian superpower with neighbouring countries, known in China as “One Belt, One Road” in tribute to the Silk Road, but has garnered agreements or investments in 139 countries – accounting for 40 per cent of the worlds’ GDP.

US President Biden is expected to introduce a multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill this week.

During his first White House press conference last Thursday (24) Biden said that “The next major initiative is – and I’ll be announcing it Friday in Pittsburgh in detail – is to rebuild the infrastructure, both the physical and technological infrastructure of this country so that we can compete and create significant numbers of really good-paying jobs.”