Development programmes under ‘Sirisara Pivisuma’ project to be vested in the public

Development programmes under ‘Sirisara Pivisuma’ project to be vested in the public

The ceremony to vest the Gomarankadawala Bakmeegama tank which is renovated under the  ‘Sirisara Pivisuma’ project with the public and the opening of the 30 km long Elephant Fence which is constructed as a pilot project in Gomarankadawala area to provide a solution for the age old human elephant conflict, will be held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena, today (20).

The ‘Sirisara Pivisuma’ district development project is implemented under the guidance of President Maithripala Sirisena to carry out a sustainable development in the Trincomalee district. Under this project, various programmes have been launched to develop the infrastructure facilities including development of school buildings, implementation of programmes to minimize human-elephant conflict, development of rural roads and improvement of facilities to supply drinking water.

The ‘Sirisara Pivisuma’ district development project is one of the foremost projects of the Presidential Secretariat and the labour is provided by the Sri Lanka Army.

Under this 500 of Ellanga system tanks in the district will be renovated and in the year 2017, 24 tanks were renovated and in the year 2018, 25 tanks were renovated and under the second stage of this another 34 tanks were renovated. In the year 2017 the ‘ellanga gammana’ or cascaded tank-village system which renovate 500 tanks in the Trincomalee district was commenced in Gomarankadawala.

The Cascaded Tank-Village System is a connected series of tanks organized within a micro-catchment of the dry zone landscape, storing, conveying and utilizing water from an ephemeral rivulet. It is an ancient, widely used and unique traditional agriculture system. The system provides water for irrigation, domestic purposes, animals and ecosystems.

The project is scheduled to be completed in several stages. It possesses twenty Ellangas since it has 500 tanks that are to be reconstructed. Providing water for both Yala and Maha seasons, creating the pathway towards ending the droughts in farmlands, enhancing old irrigational systems as a solution for the increasing temperature are some of the expected outcomes of this project.

Rs. 22.4 million is spent on the elephant fence that is opened by the President today. This will be  immensely helpful to prevent the substantial damage caused to the crops by elephants and to end the age old conflict between elephants and the poor farmers. Strong concrete beams are used for erecting the elephant fence instead of using tree trunks. It has been manufactured by the Army Forces.

The Sirisara Approach, which is to be launched in 2021 covers the program for building 100 residence quarters for teachers in schools in remote areas under the Trincomalee District Infrastructure Development Program has also been completed.

By implanting the programmes such as eradicating poverty and sustainable development, the Sirisara approach envisages to make Trincomalee an environmental-friendly green area, the President’s Media Division said.

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