Diana stirs controversy

Credit: MENAFN

In a letter written to Hon. Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardana by Sri Lankan Politician and Civil Activist Mr Oshala Herath, Following the background research conducted by Mr Oshala, it had been revealed that Parlimentarian Diana Gamage is a British Citizen residing in Sri Lanka without dual citizenship status.

In the letter, Mr Oshala proves that not only she is not Sri Lankan citizen but that she has obtained a National Identity Card bearing No. 658534300v pretending to be a Sri Lankan citizen concealing her British citizenship.

Further information reveals that she has a British Passport bearing No 094425352.

She had been staying in Sri Lanka for over 10 years with her British Passport until July 2015 and by obtaining Sri Lanka Residental Visa bearing number U6BHX5583 and ESl000246.

She had fraudulently obtained an Official Sri Lankan passport bearing Number OL 5654794 without disclosing her British citizenship.

She has committed a  criminal offence by staying in Sri Lanka without a valid visa in breaching of Section 28(2) of the Immigration and Emigration Act No. 20 of 1947 and breaching Section 45(1)  of the same Act by fraudulently concealing information or providing false information to the Department of Emigration Immigration when obtaining the Sri Lankan Official Passport.

It’s been revealed that her present British Passport bears the number 521398876, and it has been disclosed that in the month of January 2020, she had travelled dot Britain using the said passport.

A Complaint has been filed with the Criminal Investigations Department and the Inspector General of the Police on the 1st of November 2020 with regard to this matter via e-mail.

The complaint reference Number is 14a1bcad2V184065367.

This information had been sent to the Boarder ( Immigration and Emigration) Agency and Home Office of the Government United Kingdom as well.

Mr Oshala expresses his concerns in spite of all the fraudulent acts mentioned above that she has further become a Member of Parliament of Sri Lanka.

Full letter as follows;