Five arrested for attacking students

Kamburupitiya Police yesterday arrested five thugs, who were fleeing in a three-wheeler after assaulting some students of the Nilwala National College of Education.

The students were at a bus halt, opposite the Nilwala National College of Education, when they were attacked.

The five suspects were in possession of sharp weapons, Police said adding that five students had been assaulted but none had sustained serious injuries.

Police also found several packets of ganja with the suspects.

The students were at the bus stop waiting to go home as the Nilwala National College of Education had closed for the December vacation.

The police believe that the suspects are from Delkada, Weliweriya and Devinuwara in Matara. The suspects have been handed over to Akuressa Police for further investigations. Nilwala National College of Education is a teacher training institute and the institute conducts Primary pre-service Teacher Education course in Sinhala medium and Maths and Science pre – service teacher Education courses in both Sinhala and English medium.


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