Free medical camp at Kirulapone Jummah Masjid on November 5th

Free medical camp at Kirulapone Jummah Masjid on November 5th

The Trustees of the Kirulapone Jumma Masjid will be organizing a free medical camp in collaboration with the Kirulapone Police from 9 am on Sunday 5 November 2017 at the Kirulapone Jumma Masjid at High Level Road Colombo 6.

Open to members of all communities, the free medical camp will offer a wide range of facilities and medical services covering Pediatrics, Gynecology, Mammogram screening for early detection of breast cancer, Ophthalmology, Blood tests and any other general medical needs.

In addition to the free check-up, the clinic will also offer free gift vouchers to pregnant mothers in order to help them on their journey towards motherhood.

The initiative is also viewed as an opportunity to strengthen ties between Sri Lankans of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, by bringing them together towards the celebration of a common cause. In that regard, learned prelates and religious leaders of all faiths will be in attendance at the event.

“We wish to thank the generous efforts of all of those who are volunteering their time and effort to make this free medical camp a reality, including all of the esteemed medical professionals who have offered their experience, expertise and knowledge in various medical fields towards this vital cause, and we warmly invite all those who are in need of any medical assistance whatsoever to attend the camp, Roomy Rahim, Trustee, Kirulapone Jumma Masjid said.