Look at the attached video clip.


In the clip the Chairman of the State Pharmaceutical Corp states very positive matters on the fight against Corona Virus and obtaining the vaccines.

President GR was present when he (Chairman SPC) said the above – about getting the population all vaccinated and how everything was ordered etc.

Subsequently as previously the Chairman SPC maintains and remains positive about the obtaining of vaccines and placement of orders.

So why is the government struggling with this issue? Why do Ministers and officials look aside whilst the Chairman is apparently not telling the truth?

Because IF the Chairman is truthful then Ministers will not have a problem answering media and public transparency concerns.

If the Chairman SPC is not being entirely truthful then will the Attorney General and or the Police act for spreading false news?

After all this particular topic is likely to get the population rather concerned.

There is an alternative. If the Chairman SPC is being economical with the truth (plain speaking, “lying”) then SACK HIM.