At Laksteel we strive hard to achieve our motto “Solutions up to customer satisfaction with qulaity and innovative solutions”

Laksteel is equipped with its core team of professionals and multi diversified management brings light weight cost effective housing solution for the sri lankan community. With positive motive we have expanded our product range and professional services in ten fold since a decade.

Srilanka an insland with changing climate needs a solution which can fit in very hot and very cool temperature with cost effective materials.

LAKSTEEL brings American Technology to Sri lanka

Advantages of Light Steel Framing

  • Buildability: The  use  of  pre-fabricated  and  pre-assembled  steel  components  reduces  site  works, reduces material waste and improves quality.
  • Speed: This  system  requires  a  shorter construction  period  compared  to  that  for  a conventional system.
  • Strong but Lightweight: Steel  has  one  of  the  highest  strength-to-weight  ratios  of  any  construction material. This results in savings in the foundation  required  and  the  lightness  also makes  for easier on-site handling.
  • Safety: Steel’s  inherent  strength  and  non-combustible  qualities  enable  light  steel  frame  houses  to  resist  such devastating events as  fires, earthquakes,  and    Homes  can  be  designed  to  meet  the  highest  seismic  and  wind  load specifications in any part of the country.
  • Quality: A better quality finished house that is durable and low in maintenance.
  • Easy to remodel: Remodeling can  be  easily    Non-load  bearing walls can be readily relocated, removed or altered.
  • Design Flexibility: Because  of  its  strength,  steel  can  span  longer  lengths, offering  larger  open  spaces  and  increased  design  flexibility  without  requiring intermediate columns or load bearing walls.
  • Recyclable: All steel products are recyclable.


Roofing: Mc Foil Insulation with LAKSTEEL LIGHT FRAME

Walls: Frames and Heat and Water Resistant Cement Boards

Foundation: 50% Foundation cost saved as plinth beam and flat slabs used


  • Worker Residential Cities
  • Portable Accommodations Units
  • Labor Camps
  • Warehouses, Sheds & Workshops
  • Military Camps
  • Housing Projects
  • Schools & Nurseries
  • Healthcare & Hospitals
  • Office & Administration Buildings

Contact: Er Arshal Azeem / Project Manager /+94771482374/Email:

Address: LAKSTEEL ENGINEERING PVT LTD, No 235/3 Indolamulla Road, Dompe, Srilanka

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