Mobitel spearheads drone application developer community in Sri Lanka

Advancing the trend in drone application development in Sri Lanka, Mobitel is partnering Bhoomi-Tech (Pvt) Ltd, Browns Advanced technology (Pvt) Ltd, Center for Research and Development – Ministry of Defense, CameraLK and renowned local drone manufactures, University of Moratuwa, and Future Drones (Pvt) Ltd, as Founding Members of Drone Application Developer Community.

Formed to support the eco system in Sri Lanka, this unique partnership was unveiled at Techno 2017 in the presence of all the founding members. Kick-starting the initiative, a dedicated area for drone application developers was provided inside the Mobitel experience stall at Techno 2017, to showcase and demonstrate their applications to the general public to experience the infinite possibilities of drone technology.

The Drone Application Developer Community will promote the safe and responsible use of small unmanned systems and educate the public about the positive role these devices can serve in our society. The eminent Founding Members are coming together to share ideas and experiences, fly drones, collaborate on community service projects and technology demonstrations, and hold drone building workshops.

Drones are among the most advanced devices in today’s aeronautics, electronics and robotics fields. Sri Lanka has always been on par with the rest of the world when it comes to technology adoption and this initiative ensures it will keep abreast of drone technology development.

Drones have evolved quickly into tools for creating new applications with the smart integration of drones with sensors that take advantage of a drone’s ability to smoothly carry payloads high above the earth. Drone applications can be seen widely in shipping, delivery, agriculture, construction sites, surveying, rescuing operations, filming, geographical mapping and more. Some drone applications are successfully operating in Sri Lanka as well.

Mobitel, along with the rest of the Founding Members is calling on all drone enthusiasts, drone makers, engineers, scientists, educators and entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka to join the Drone Application Developer Community on the Facebook page and group ‘Drone Application Developer Community_Sri Lanka’, which welcomes amateurs and experienced users, hobbyists and professionals, and anyone who is curious or enthusiastic about this exciting technology and is excited to creatively use drones to enhance the world and the future.