Moragahakanda reservoir distributes water to drought stricken areas in North Central Province

The Public Relations Officer of the Moragahakanda Project, E.G. Dayananda says that the distribution of water from the Moragahakanda Reservoir to major tanks in the Rajarata area in the North Central Province is being carried out continuously.

Distribution of water for dried tanks in the Polonnaruwa district is continuously being carried out currently, the official said. The reservoir is supplying water to Parakrama Samudra, Kaudulla, Minneriya, Girithale and Kantale tanks.

The water flowing from the Amban River to the Moragahakanda Reservoir is distributed to Yodha Ela and through that to the tanks. The water level of these tanks has risen steadily. Cultivations in several areas including Polonnaruwa are being done as a result, the official reports.

Farmers in the drought stricken areas have expressed their contentment for being able to cultivate both Yala and the Maha seasons due to the Moragahakanda Project.

The recently declared open Moragahakanda Reservoir is the biggest reservoir of the multipurpose Mahaweli Project. Built under the combined Moragahakanda-Kalu Ganga Irrigation Development Project which is a major component of Mahaweli Master Plan, the reservoir spans 29.5 square kilometers and will provide irrigation facilities to 81,422 hectares in the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

The water distributed from the reservoir will irrigate dry lands in faraway Vanni in the Northern Province on one side and Rajarata, Wayamba, Central and Eastern Provinces on the other. Most importantly it will open up 5000 hectares of new land for agriculture development in Northern, North Central, Eastern and North Western provinces.

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