PM funds first step in Johann Peries’ public campaign to climb Mount Everest again

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe Wednesday funded the first step in Johann Peries’ public campaign to climb Mount Everest again in his second attempt.

In his maiden effort in April 2016, Peries made the decision to turn back, which eventually saved his life. This year he says he is determined to finish the journey.

In the fresh effort there is an opportunity for every Sri Lankan to sponsor each step Johann is slated to take on the mountain for Rs. 100, as the whole expedition requires a financial commitment of $ 58,600. Every step sponsored will go towards financing the expedition and covering all associated costs.

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said: “In 2016 they took up the challenge of climbing Mount Everest and were the first Sri Lankans to go there. While Jayanthi made it to the top, Johann made a wise decision and he is here with us to try again.”

“In fact I asked Johann, isn’t it enough to have done it once, why would you want to do it a second time and he said that he must get to the top. So now let’s all get together to back him to be the second Sri Lankan to climb Mount Everest. I have been the first sponsor and I have put the pin right on top. If you can fill it up to that, then he will have all the support to get to the top,” he added.

Peries and Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala were the first Sri Lankans to attempt the climb whereas while Kuru-Utumpala was able to complete the task, Peries after climbing 8,400 metres had to return to base due to technical difficulties.

This year however with the backing of the public, a much larger team led by the International Mountain Guides (IMG), IMG’s logistical support, Sherpa and guide support, all climbing permits, expedition food and accommodation, communications, oxygen, insurance, helicopter rescue and regular access to the IMG medical clinic at the mountain’s base camp, Peries is determined and ready.

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