President makes observation visit to Moragahakanda Project

President Maithripala Sirisena has made an observation visit to the Sri Lanka’s largest multi-functional irrigation project, Moragahakanda Project on Friday (22).

During the observation tour the President inquired about the electricity generation at the Moragahakanda hydro-electricity plant which will add 25 Megawatt hydropower to the national grid.

At present, the hydro-electricity plant is successfully undergoing the testing works.

Earlier this month the President released water for testing the electricity generation at the Moragahakanda hydropower plant when the water level rose to the required level in the reservoir.

The Plant, built near the Moragahakanda main dam will generate electricity using four turbines. This will consist of two 7.5 Megawatt turbines and another two 5 Megawatt turbines.

The reservoir is situated at 132 meter height from the sea level. When the water level of the reservoir increased to 165 meters from the sea level the power plant could be operated. The maximum output of power will be generated when it reaches the highest level of 185 meters.

The President who visited the project premises yesterday engaged in cordial discussion with the officials including the project engineers.

The Acting Director of the Moragahakanda-Kalu Ganga Multi-purpose Development Project Mr. T.B. Wijerathne participated on this occasion.


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