Sri Lanka to receive $2.5 Million from the ‘United Nations Peacebuilding Fund’

U.N. logo pattern a press conference background at the United Nations headquarters, Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Sri Lanka is set to receive around $2.5 Million (US) through the ‘Gender & Youth Promotion Initiative’ of United Nations Peace-building Fund.

The Gender & Youth Promotion Initiative 2017 has allocated a total amount of $ 27.5 Million to conduct 17 projects in 13 countries.

The UN Peace-building Fund had received 245 concept notes from 20 eligible countries.

Of which, 24 are to be developed in comprehensive project proposals.

What plans for Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka will receive the assigned amount for a specific program.

‘Building peace through the economic empowerment of women in Northern Sri Lanka’.

The ILO and WFP will be implementing the said project.

Meanwhile, the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka will receive over $450,000 for a youth volunteers empowerment program.

This program will help them engage with transitional justice to promote reconciliation.

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