Sri Lanka teams up with UNIDO to develop bamboo industry

Sri Lanka teams up with UNIDO to develop bamboo industry

Sri Lanka’s Policy Development Office of the Prime Minister’s Office along with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has launched a project to develop the bamboo industry in the country.

The objective of the “Bamboo Processing for Sri Lanka” project is to develop a bamboo supply chain and product industry in Sri Lanka and contribute to the reduction of global environmental impact from greenhouse gas.

According to the Policy Development Office, the people of Sri Lanka have historically been using bamboo as a resource for a multitude of applications. Nowadays, new and innovative uses of bamboo as an industrial resource and timber substitute justify a re-evaluation of its role in the efforts to achieve sustainable development.

“We are confident this project can contribute to create enabling environment for additional investments by local entrepreneurs in growing and processing bamboo. Such an industry would lead to substantial socio- economic benefits with substantial job creation potential, particularly in local communities, as well as environmental benefits to all,” the Policy Development Office said.

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