Sri Lankan Airlines Joins Others In Identifying Potentially Flawed Parts From AOG Technics

Sri Lankan Airlines Joins Others In Identifying Potentially Flawed Parts From AOG Technics

Sri Lankan Airlines Caught in the Crossfire of Fraudulent Aircraft Parts

In a chilling revelation that has sent shockwaves through the aviation industry, Sri Lankan Airlines finds itself ensnared in the far-reaching ramifications of the AOG Technics scandal. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in the United Kingdom, has initiated a criminal investigation into suspected fraud at this UK-based aircraft parts supplier, and indications suggest a disconcerting nexus between corrupted elements within Sri Lankan Airlines and senior directors who allegedly accepted bribes in exchange for purchasing bogus parts from AOG Technics.  The has beeen unable to verify these allegations. This investigative report delves into the intricate details of the scandal, exploring whether Sri Lankan Airlines knowingly procured parts from AOG Technics’ Singapore arm, and the potential consequences for passenger safety and the airline’s integrity.

Criminal Investigation Unveils a Web of Deceit:

The SFO’s recent raid on AOG Technics (December 3rd 2023) marked a pivotal moment in the investigation, resulting in at least one arrest and shedding light on a suspected fraud that extends far beyond the confines of the UK.

Early this year, regulatory bodies in the UK, US, and Europe issued alerts, urging companies to scrutinize parts from AOG Technics and trace the provenance of components directly and indirectly supplied by the firm. The focus of this investigation has widened to encompass potential corruption within Sri Lankan Airlines, with allegations surfacing that key figures within the procurement section and senior directors were complicit in knowingly acquiring these fraudulent parts.

AOG Technics’ Global Reach and Impact:

Since 2015, AOG Technics has been a supplier of parts for the world’s best-selling passenger aircraft engines, establishing a significant presence with major airlines worldwide. The scope of this scandal is not limited to overseas companies, as AOG Technics has also impacted some UK airlines. The SFO, recognizing the gravity of the situation, is working in collaboration with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and other regulators to establish the facts expeditiously.

Director Nick Ephgrave of the SFO has emphasized the “very serious allegations of fraud” and the “potentially far-reaching consequences” of this investigation. The complexity of the case requires a meticulous examination of the entire supply chain, from the supplier to the airlines that installed these compromised parts.

The Nexus of Corruption: Sri Lankan Airlines’ Alleged Involvement:

As the investigation unfolds, evidence suggests a disconcerting collusion between corrupted elements within Sri Lankan Airlines and AOG Technics. Senior directors are alleged to have received bribes in return for the procurement of bogus parts, implicating the airline in a scandal that not only jeopardizes passenger safety but also tarnishes its reputation and integrity.

The revelation of such corruption within the procurement section of an airline raises questions about the effectiveness of internal checks and balances. The scale of the scandal suggests a systemic failure within Sri Lankan Airlines, requiring a comprehensive investigation into its corporate governance and ethical standards.

Sources connected to the airline industry in Sri Lanka, told us that like all of the airlines who had made purchases using AOG Technics, Sri Lankan Airlines too are in the process of identifying and replacing those parts. They added that it was no mean feat but that with the close nexus of all airlines who work together on operational technicalities including the air worthiness factor, Sri Lankan Airlines is not alone in the current issue. The sources also pointed out that this matter came out over four weeks ago and that all airlines were already on the case even if this matter is making its rounds on social media now.

Additional sources shared what appeared to be a statement from Sri Lankan Airlines on WhatsApp groups:

Our Engineering Procurement and Component Management have confirmed that they have not purchased any parts from AOG Technics. Furthermore, we have received confirmation from GE Engine Services Malaysia, where our CFM engines are maintained, that they have not used parts from AOG Technics


Global Aviation Industry Shaken: Experts Express Concerns:

The AOG Technics scandal has sent shockwaves through the aviation industry, prompting concerns about the safety and reliability of flights worldwide. Independent aviation expert John Strickland, reflecting on the gravity of the situation, stated that he could not recall a similar incident in his career. The potential risks associated with compromised aircraft parts raise significant concerns for manufacturers and airlines alike, necessitating a swift and thorough investigation.

Former Inspector General of the US Department of Transport, Mary Schiavo, sought to reassure passengers flying with major, reputable airlines from countries with robust aviation industries. She described airlines as the “first line of defense,” emphasizing their obligation to isolate and secure any potentially fraudulent parts. However, the alleged involvement of Sri Lankan Airlines highlights the need for a rigorous reassessment of oversight mechanisms and ethical standards within the aviation sector.

Ensuring Passenger Safety Amidst Scandal:

The allegations against AOG Technics and the implicated airlines, including Sri Lankan Airlines, underscore the paramount importance of ensuring passenger safety. The collaborative efforts of regulatory bodies such as the SFO and the CAA are critical in swiftly uncovering the truth and holding those responsible accountable.

Passengers are left grappling with concerns about the reliability of their chosen airlines. Mary Schiavo’s reassurances notwithstanding, the potential compromise of safety protocols demands a thorough review of industry practices and regulations. As investigations proceed, stakeholders, including passengers and industry insiders, await answers that will shape the future of air travel safety and restore confidence in the integrity of the global aviation network.

It is not implied that there has been any evidence of wrongdoing by any of the parties to this article including and not limited to Sri Lankan Airlines and or its suppliers and various associates and staff and directors.