Sri Lankan maid who stole employer’s necklace in UAE jailed for six months

A Sharjah court has sentenced a Sri Lankan maid, who stole her employer’s gold necklace and was caught after she posted a photo on Facebook that showed her wearing it, for six months.

The Sharjah criminal court also ordered her deportation at the end of the prison term, Khaleej Times reports.

According to prosecution records, the maid worked for an Emirati family. After her sponsor’s wife spotted the photo, she confronted the maid with it and called the police. During her interrogation, she denied stealing the necklace. The police later found the necklace in the trash bin.

The defendant told the prosecution that she did not steal the necklace and that her sponsor’s wife had gifted it to her. She claimed she did not know it was gold and that was the reason she threw it in the trash bin.

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