Sri Lankan youth arrested for eloping with underage Japanese girl

A Sri Lankan youth and a Japanese under age girl were arrested today.

They were arrested by the Kochchikade Police from the Mudhukatuwa area yesterday (25) based on a tip off.

The couple had eloped and gotten married in Sri Lanka and the girl was reported to be 5 months into her pregnancy.

The couple was to be produced before the Negombo Magistrate’s Court today (26).

The mother of the woman had filed a complaint with the Sri Lanka Police in March this year.

She said that a Sri Lankan man had abducted her daughter.

They had eloped to Sri Lanka after the girl’s mother had objected to the love affair.

The Japanese embassy had informed Sri Lankan Government.

It’s reported that the Sri Lankan youth had gone to Japan for educational purposes and had engaged in a romantic relationship with the Japanese woman while working at her residence.

The youth had thereafter eloped to Sri Lanka with the consent of his lover following objections raised by her mother.