Teenager shot dead by police in Koggala

A teen was shot dead by Police late yesterday (November 10) near the Koggala Liam junction, Ambalantota.

What happened?

Police conducted a raid in the Ambalantota area, during which, an officer at the barricade hailed two individuals who attempted to flee the area on a motorbike without protective helmets.

While the Police was in pursuit, they were cut off by a small lorry passing the area.

According to the Police Media spokesperson Ruwan Gunasekara, the individuals in the lorry had then opened fire at the police.

Later on, Police found two 9 mm shell casings at the scene.

SP Gunasekara stated that one of the officers fired back at the lorry, which managed to flee the scene.

However in a turn of events, the lorry driver and another individual who was travelling in the lorry at the time of the incident had surrendered themselves to the Ambalantota Police through a lawyer.

During the preliminary investigations it was revealed that the truck was transporting a stock of stolen bananas.

The surrendered suspects revealed that one person had died in the shooting.

The body of the deceased, the stolen bananas and a hand grenade was discovered around 2.5 kilometers away from the barricade.

The victim was identified as Milan Sandeepa (19) who was a resident of Habaraththalawa.

Relatives of the victim have pointed out that there is no sign of shooting in the back of the truck, apart from the bullet hole which is in front of the lorry.