Prince William: BBC fuelled my mother’s paranoia
It was a rare personal statement – and blistering attack on the BBC. The Duke of Cambridge said it brought him “indescribable sadness” that Martin Bashir’s interview with Diana, Princess of Wales had “contributed significantly to her fear, paranoia, and isolation” in her final years. Prince William blamed the “failures” of BBC bosses for the harm done to his mother after an inquiry concluded Bashir used “deceitful behavior” in a “serious breach” of the broadcaster’s guidelines to secure the Panorama interview in 1995. The Duke of Sussex went further than his brother, directly linking the interview to their mother’s death. Read their full statements. After a six-month inquiry, retired judge Lord Dyson accused the BBC of effectively covering up Bashir’s wrongdoing. Our review of last night’s Panorama investigation into the program’s own failings 25 years ago accuses it of an apology that did not sound sorry.

Within weeks of the bombshell Panorama interview, concern began to grow in the BBC that Bashir may have hoodwinked the Princess into taking part. Chief Reporter Robert Mendick has the inside story of how the junior reporter who “could charm the birds from the trees” won over Diana with lies and smears.

Source: The Internet