49 Year Old Man Assulted and Ran Over by Bus

49 Year Old Man Assulted and Ran Over by Bus

A recent incident was reported at Weligama, Matara. This issue has made us question our justice system’s very own existence.


Due to a Covid-19 positive case in the household, one entire family is restricted to quarantine themselves at their household and after 3 days without any support from government officials or any others 49-year-old (Father) decides to go outdoor in search for food and he encounters two policemen who are accompanied by another individual who works for Police as a cook and a cleaner, initially, 49-year-old individual is being questioned by police and it seems like an argument broke out and Police ask the third man (Cook and cleaner) to assault the 49-year-old male, first two attacks were not so aggressive but the last assault lands the 49-year-old male to the ground and two policemen are seen taking off from the premises.

As he remains on the floor there seems to be a bus running over 49-year-old male who remains flat on the ground.

This is not to pinpoint hands at anyone but these are tragic stories that you don’t hear in the mainstream media, as responsible media are obliged to report incidents as such because we represent the voice of the people.

Source: Newsfirst