About us

Independent.lk is the on-line portal of the Ceylon Independent newspaper.

The Ceylon Independent was the first printed weekend newspaper to be distributed free of charge. It remains free for all our readers. The website is also a free access service.

We depend on those who are committed to upholding independent journalism including our anchor advertisers.

Our journalists are free to write on a subject of their choice and the Independent.lk is devoid of partisan politics.

Our focus is on the opportunities that present itself in Sri Lanka to would be investors.

We track the equity markets, we track what the corporate performances are like, we keep you abreast of the latest news, developments and of course we encourage government to be scrupulously fair in its engagement with the citizenry.

We believe that an independent media devoid of partiality is an essential ingredient in both, a democracy and a free market.

To this end we encourage responsibility, transparency and accountability from whichever political dispensation holds the reins of power.

(The Ceylon Independent and the Independent.lk operate as two separate businesses.)