Amaraweera speaks of moves to thwart anti-corruption move

Amaraweera speaks of moves to thwart anti-corruption move

General Secretary of the UPFA, Minister Mahinda Amaraweera says the UNP was colluding with a newly-formed political party, hinting at the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna.

“We have learnt of a meeting between a prominent UNP MP and member of a newly-formed political party that took place in Borella recently. Similarly, there was another meeting between a UNP MP from Gampaha and this same political party. They are discussing ways to thwart the investigations into fraud and corruption,” Amaraweera has been quoted as saying in parliament.

He has further noted that  signs of collusion were already appearing as some court proceedings of members of the Joint Opposition were being unduly expedited.

“An alliance of thieves had formed to oppose the anti-corruption drive of the Government,” the Minister has said.

Referring to the Presidential Commission probing irregularities at SriLankan Airlines and Mihin Lanka, Amaraweera has said, “Whether the culprits are from the former regime or the current administration, the investigation will deal with those involved in destroying the national carrier. Corruption is corruption, whether it was done in the past or present.”

The Minister has added that the Treasury Bond Commission was not set up to isolate and attack any single party.

“Many UNPers have claimed that the Commission was a witch hunt against their party. This is not the case. The Bond Commission was appointed for the benefit of the entire nation so that those involved could be brought to justice,” Amaraweera has said.

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