International award to President in recognition of anti-drug campaign

President Maithripala Sirisena has been given a special award in recognition of his relentless campaign to eradicate drug menace, which is a major international problem. This award, which was awarded by the Anti-Drug Non-Governmental Organizations Conference held in Macao in China in November 2017, was handed over to President Sirisena yesterday (2nd Jan.) at the Presidential Secretariat by President of the Federation of Anti-Drug NGOs, Sarath M. Samarage.

President Sirisena’s leadership for anti-drug campaigns, his decision to eradicate drugs and tobacco use in Sri Lanka by 2020 and the efforts taken to achieve this objective and steps taken to make people aware of the drug menace and to propagate Buddhist ethical values in the society came for high appreciation of the international anti-drug campaigners.

President Sirisena handed over an award given at the Conference to founder President of Mithuro-Mithuro Sansadaya, Ven. Kuppiyawatte Bodhananda Thera for his services for anti-drug campaigns.

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