K.C.Vignarajah’s Letter to President

K.C.Vignarajah’s Letter to President 

HE Gotabaya Rajapaksa,

The President of the Republic of Sri Lanka,

Presidential Secretariat,

Colombo 01.

  1. Secretary to the President                                  Dr. P. B. Jayasundera
  2. Chairman SEC, WTC,                                           Mr. Viraj Dayaratne, PC

Echelon Square, Colombo 01.

  1. Governor, CBSL,                               Prof. W. D. Lakshman

30 Janadhipathi Mawatha,

Colombo 01.

Dear president,

Congratulations, Concerns and Best Wishes of 31 Dec ’19 Continues Stronger

When I wrote and wished you most sincerely as above, there were many crises, but not the world’s most dreaded enemy – the invisible, insidious ‘Corona Virus’. You and your team have made Sri Lanka among ‘The Top 5 in effectively handling pandemic’! Your sensible effective ‘Lockdown’ actions have earned admiration for your administration. The odd wrong decision, when brought to your notice was swiftly reversed. Example opening the liquor shops when the curfew was lifted and shutdown pronto when you realized the error.  Sadly some excellent decisions of yours in removing unsuitable persons were countered by a group of so-called leaders and earlier MPs of the now-defunct, dead parliament, has shocked the honest civil society. You are now the only truly elected leader of our entire people. “The Voice of good People is the Voice of God”, declared the ancient great philosophers who guided and shaped Western Democracy. Prez Abby Lincoln defined democracy as “government of the people, by the people, for the people”!

The Lockdown of the parliament described by RW the earlier opposition leader and PM – who has interchanged these positions over 25 years, “as consisting of crooks, criminals and drug barons with the majority unfit to be in parliament!”. He was correct but did nothing whatsoever to remedy the situation. Instead by collaborating and having horse deals with this category he worsened the situations. We pointed out at that time the simple remedy and repeated later at many seminars and discussions (even with PAFFREL at CNCI) was to ensure that the CANDIDATES in all elections had the essential qualifications of honesty, integrity, free of bribery, corruption, nepotism in all its forms. They should be ‘fit and proper persons’, to be eligible candidates.

The political leaders who demand bringing into life the defunct dead parliament should ensure that all members of the parliament are honest and clean and if they want to act in the public interest they can easily support the good members of the administration to engage in efficient sustainable activities. Once they perform this duty they can qualify to create a democracy where honesty and meritocracy prevail which will espouse zero corruption.

“A drop of poison in a pot of milk…”, or the concept of computer performance was “garbage in, results in, garbage out”Concealing and/ or suppression of evidence of crime or also turning a blind eye will constitute aiding and abetting crime!

It has to be a new beginning to benefit from great new opportunities that could improve the well-being of mankind in this unbelievably topsy-turvy world. Many good world leaders are also at it, but being weak we have to be even smarter and better with good processes and procedures of good disciplined democracy.

Your Lockdown of the stock market infested with “Corporate Virus” is deadlier to the country’s image, its economy, its Enterprise Society (ES), the investing public and its people. It is an excellent measure and should get the credit it deserves; though pretenders of the “free market” have shown dismay and criticized it. We have always advocated for a free, fair, equitable market but strongly condemned the distorted, manipulated, an illiquid market which was one of the worst-performing markets. They were controlled and manipulated by the politico/ biz mafia who unjustly enrich themselves and impoverish the people. The methods of dealing with this Corporate Virus would be the same or similar like obtaining correct information, swift quarantine, arresting those who flout the rules and confiscation of contraband,  vehicles, properties, and put them into jail for hoarding the requirements of the people. The Corporate Virus (some CI&RPs together with their collaborators who aid and abet) creates shareholder fatigue hoarding investor’s and Independent Minority Shareholders (IMS) funds, hide true value of assets and create illiquidity in markets to destroy the free markets. The Corporate Virus is waiting in gleeful and anticipation to wipeout the genuine IMS and the investing public and gobble up the most desirable companies in Sri Lanka and also strip many of their tangible and intangible assets and take them overseas thus denuding Lanka. Please prevent it now!

Your next strong move would be to deal with the political virus that has plagued the country and brought its image drastically down. If you achieve these you would have uplifted our beautiful, beloved country to its rightful place.

I’m compelled to dictate this letter in a hurry to my part-time secretary (PTS#2). I’m +79 going on 80, diabetic with extremely poor eyesight and deteriorating health due mostly to tensions generated viewing injustices and crimes perpetrated on our people and our country by various wrongdoers. I have requested my part-time secretary (PTS#2) to prepare a summary of my letters and articles written earlier on this subject, which will follow. We are most grateful for you and your team’s urgent attention in the national interest.

We shall thank you for your most urgent attention and action.

K.C.Vignarajah – (dictated to PTS#2) – Acting in the best interest of the country, ES, the investing public and IMS.

Goodwill to all, Malice to None,

The Courage to always do the correct thing,

Fairness and Equity in all thought, deed and expression.

Defend the defenseless, help the helpless;

Give voice to the voiceless, and hope to those without it,

Service to fellow beings is the best form of service to God.