NO BONE TO PICK – Our President

NO BONE TO PICK – Our President

We have no bone to pick but are surprised and disappointed and now disgusted because this is the man who portended to be the most ultra democratic politician in contemporary times.

See how he hung on to the United National Party (UNP) and still does. Legally albeit. We call it sharp practise worthy of frowning upon at least.

Over 26 electoral defeats yet remained leader of the UNP.

Lectured the dynastic Bandaranaikes on Westminster style politics, tweaking the UNP constitution, said the “Aragalaya” can go on then went after the youth with the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA). Internationally condemned and still in use.

Oversaw and shrugged his shoulders whilst his mates were playing ‘Pandhu’ in the Bond market, all the time causing significant (as yet unrealised) losses in the equity markets for our State pension funds, meaning the Peoples’ monies were literally gambled away for high cost low return investments,

shrugged his shoulders and let Sirisena get into “let’s-screw-the-peace mode – hard won by the Rajapaksas – took a blasé attitude to Islamic extremism when he was forewarned during Yahapalanista governance,

Openly said he was coming in Churchillian-like to save us all

Churchill didn’t impinge on the right to an alternative opinion or the rights of Her Majesty’s subjects!

The President asks the German DW Interviewer which international investigation they – the Germans – had; possibly due to Germanic sensitivities the reporter did not remind our president about something called the Nuremberg trials.

Our president also forgot that there was nothing in Britain or in the United States or in Germany that warranted an internationally aided inquiry; when British soldiers were accused of acting outside of the rules of engagement, if our memory serves us right, four members of the British army were prosecuted and jailed for killing innocent Iraqis in the theater of war, that’s called accountability and responsibility.

Our president insinuated that there were reports from the Australians from the Chinese from the Indians, the Pakistanis, he nearly said Scotland Yard, and changed his mind and said the British police, and of course the FBI. The President seems to have missed the point that it is only the FBI report that was delivered and maintains that there was no outside interference – so obviously he missed the point that – that is the whole essence of the claims being currently made

His official transcript of his interview is inaccurate; he alienates the Cardinal by saying he doesn’t need to deal with the Cardinal. He’s dealing with the Bishops Conference. We wonder what role the Cardinal plays in the bishops conference?

if it wasn’t for the Cardinal I think we may all agree that the after party of the Easter tragedy would have been not too pretty, the violence in the Negombo area and other areas unleashed after the Easter tragedy – 2 to 3 weeks later – is best testimony to how the cardinal managed to calm not only his flock, but the entire flock – obviously to our collective and greater benefit.

So it is fair to say that there is no bone to pick but there is a sense of deep frustration. Sadness, surprise all rolled into one from a man who is continuing to pretend that he is the greatest Democrat SRI LANKA never produced.

No bone to pick. Simply Dismayed.