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Rs. 122 Mn worth Beedi Leaves discovery; Customs seeks CID assistance

Sri Lanka Customs has sought assistance from the Criminal Investigations Department in its investigation into the discovery of a consignment of Beedi Leaves or Tendu Leaves valued at over 122 Million Rupees.

Assistance is sought from the CID to locate the suspects connected to this illegal operation.

The Beedi Leaves or Tendu Leaves were shipped to Sri Lanka from Chennai, India under the guise of importing raw material required for a BOI registered factory located at the Katunayake Export Processing Zone.

The contraband was discovered after two freight containers were inspected by the Port Control Unit (PCU) of Sri Lanka Customs on Thursday (25).

Customs arrested one suspect connected to the contraband and was released on a bond following interrogation.

Sri Lanka Customs said if the Beedi Leaves or Tendu Leaves were imported to the country legally, the tax on it alone would be over 100 Million Rupees.

The contraband weighing 24,000 kilograms was shipped to Sri Lanka from Indian on the 14th of March 2020 aboard CAPE MEMO, a container ship.

Sri Lanka Customs said a statement was recorded from a representative from the company responsible for importing the freight containers.

Sri Lanka Customs is investigating the matter on multiple avenues including CCTV footage.

source- news first