The Easter Tragedy

The Easter Tragedy

The People in Sri Lanka continue to be deeply unhappy and distraught in terms of investigations into the worst act of terrorism in contemporary times in Sri Lanka. The Easter Tragedy 2019.

Five years is upon us this Easter and the nation sadly is none the wiser.

Meanwhile the suffering of those who were maimed and injured in varying degrees, has continued unabated.

A book by the former President also alludes to disagreements and disillusionment amongst senior military officials in other matters, begging the question if this disillusionment is a manufactured version to create space between these officials and their one time colleague and Boss.

The Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith has led the way in calling for a fit and proper investigation.

It is the height of human insensitivity that the relevant authorities appear unable to provide the sovereign people with a modicum of closure.

In Sri Lanka we appear to be unable to conclude investigations into matters that not only have impacted our own citizenship but has caused international outrage.

Let us remember our collective responsibility during this sad anniversary of inaction – the people will not forget those who perished and were maimed five years ago on Easter Sunday.

Our dead, our maimed, our visitors don’t walk alone.