The Pledge of National People’s Power in delivering justice to the victims of the  terrorist attack carried out on 21 April 2019 (Easter Sunday)

The Pledge of National People’s Power in delivering justice to the victims of the terrorist attack carried out on 21 April 2019 (Easter Sunday)

Five years have lapsed since the brutal suicide bombings carried out by extremists targeting Catholic and
Christian worshipers on April 21, 2019 (Easter Sunday). On that unfortunate day, two hundred and seventy three (273) people, including Christian and Catholic devotees, lost their lives, and more than five hundred
people became fully or partially disabled by the inhumane suicide bomb attacks that were carried out on
three churches and several tourist hotels.
As the National People’s Power, we would like to bring to the attention of the people that the government is
responsible for the lives that were lost, the members of the families who were made helpless due to the
attack, and the property that was destroyed due to the attack. Thus,a question remains as to whether that
responsibility has been properly fulfilled so far, and we emphasize that a government of the National People’s
Power will implement the law to the letter without bias or favor regarding these matters and take proper
legal action against individuals who were directly or indirectly involved in the attack.
1. The Easter bombings is a conspiracy by a group to achieve a narrow political objective by creating
discord between ethnicities, causing communal riots and massive loss of life and property. The
masterminds and those who planed this heinous crime must be brought to justice and doing so will
be a top priority of the government of National People’s Power.
2. We will take legal action against those who failed to prevent the Easter attack despite having
received sufficient information about it, those who interfered with the investigation that was carried
out regarding the attack in order to protect the real conspirators of the crime, those officers from
the security forces who prevented legal action being taken against those responsible, the President,
the Prime Minister, the cabinet and all political authorities who were responsible.
3. i. Criminal charges will be filed against political authorities and government officials who were found
to have violated the fundemental rights in cases filed by the Easter attack victims in the Supreme
Court after due investigation.
Ii. Criminal charges will be filed, regardless of rank or status, against the political authorities and
government officials included in the recommendations of the Presidential commission of inquiry
appointed to probe in to the Easter attack.
iii. Criminal charges will also be filed against the political authorities and public officials responsible for the
attack based on recommendations of a Special Investigation Commission to be appointed by a future
government of the National People’s Power
4. We will facilitate and take steps to establish a mechanism to conclude hearingof cases pending before
Courts relating to the Easter attack expeditiously on a priority basis.
5. We will take steps to bring back all the criminals who have fled the country who has any connection
with the attack, to investigate through them in order to discover those who planned and conspired to
carry out the said attack and to bring them before the law expeditiously, regardless oftheir rank or
6. We will introduce an appropriate compensation scheme for the lives that were lost and disabled and
for properties which were destroyed due to the said attack. Further a special psychosocial support
program would be designed and launched to help victims of the attack to assist them to recover from
their traumatic experiences.
7. As some aspects of the investigations remain incomplete swift action will be taken to complete the
process of investigations based on material disclosed so far from Commission reports and other
relevant sources.We would like to inform the people of Sri Lanka, that a government of the National
People’s Power, will establish a Special Investigation Commission with full judicial powers with the aim
to conduct further investigations to ascertain the truth,to deliver justice to victims and to bring
perpetrators to justice.Based on the findings of the said Commission and all other material available
from different sources, steps will be taken to file criminal charges against individuals who conspired
and orchestrated the attack or aided or abated the crime to be committed, regardless of their status in
order to achieve justice to the victims of the Easter attack