“US silence encourages Israel’s war crimes”

The silence of the United States administration encourages the Israeli war crimes committed in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, and the West Bank, Spokesman to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s, Nabil Abu Rideineh said.

“The silence of the US administration regarding what Israel is doing and describing it as self-defense has led to massacres in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem,” said Abu Rudeineh, as he urged the US administration to actively intervene to stop Israel’s relentless onslaught “if it [the US] was interested in regional and international peace and security.”

He said “Israel, which is waging a war against the Palestinian people, their land and their holy sites, is dragging the region into a situation that no one can bear the consequences by harming the interests of the region and the world.”

Abu Rudeineh said the Palestinian people “will never give up or abandon their land, Jerusalem and the holy sites,” and that “patience, will and the historical struggle of the Palestinian people have thwarted all conspiracies for more than a hundred years.”

“Palestine and Jerusalem will remain greater than all of them, and peace and the relationship with any party will not be at any price, and the interests of the Palestinian people, their rights, and the preservation of our national constants will remain the destination of our movements and policies.”

Source: WAFA