Another Tusker Killed In Puttalam

The Wildlife officers have discovered the carcass of the missing tusker ‘Thani Dalaya’.

The carcass of the tusker with gunshot marks was found Sellankandal Reserve in Puttalam, yesterday (09).

The murdered tusker was around 30-years-old.

Environmental organizations pointed out that 4 tuskers including the Galgamuwe Dalapoottuwa were killed during the recent past.

They are blaming the Wildlife Department for this tragedy.

Meanwhile, a group of wildlife officers who were held by a group of timber smugglers in the Somawathi National Park was rescued.

The timber racketeers took the wildlife officials hostage after they entered the jungle to probe illegal timber racket, following a tip-off.

The smugglers completely obstructed the exit route and held the public officials for over 6 hours inside the park.

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