The Day Brief of December 18, 2017

1. President Sirisena says he will request Russian President Putin to lift tea ban, said to be because of a beetle found with Sri Lankan tea shipment: Some believe Russian tea ban is linked to Sri Lanka’s decision to stop imports of Asbestos from Russia from 2018: Russia buys 12% of Sri Lanka’s total exports of tea and is the largest buyer

2. Economic turmoil now being reflected in listed company earnings: 3rd Quarter 2017 profits reduce by 2.4% compared to 3rd Quarter 2016: outlook for 4th Quarter not bright

3. State Pharmaceutical Corporation workers win staggering pay rise from the Heath Ministry after Local Government elections are announced: Pay hike to be up to 55% plus payment of Rs.12,000 to “ensure quality of imported drugs”

4. Electricity Board workers warn of a country-wide strike unless their problems are resolved today

5. PM Wickremesinghe who is under seige in the massive Bond Scam, says arrangements are being made for Courts to hear 20 corruption cases a day to punish wrong-doers

6. Another death in custody: Inmate in Polonaruwa prison has hanged himself says Police

7. Distribution of free goods before elections stepped up: Elections Commission manages to stop 15 distributions so far

8. Plantation Industries Minister Naveen Dissanayake says the offending beetle got into the Tea consignment “on the way” to Russia

9. Sri Lanka lose 3rd ODI against India by heavy margin: Worst-ever year in Cricket history gets even worse with tally of 23 losses to 5 wins during 2017: 5 series losses, and 1 drawn series

10. “We have laid the foundation for a civilized society”, says Minister Lakshman Kiriella who previously stated that he has Rs.400 million in his bank account

Have a “highly-civilized” Monday

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