Due to the IMF action the people are getting poorer?

Due to the IMF action the people are getting poorer?

IMF Mandate promotes global macroeconomic and financial stability and provides policy advise and capacity development support to help countries build and maintain strong economies

The duties of the IMF
Aims to reduce global poverty encouraging international trade * and *promoting financial stability and economic growth

Three main functions of the IMF
Overseeing economic development
Lending and
capacity development

Due to IMF advisory the LKR was floated

The USD was LKR 203 now the LKR is 365

The food prices have become so high that people cannot afford to eat and so

It begs the question:

because of the IMF action the people are getting poorer.?

IMF actions mean the people are getting poorer.

The government is planning to reduce the economy to USD 60 Billion (down from 75 to 60)

The per capita gdp will be usd 2700

Below US$ 3000 meaning we are a poor country

Is this against the duties of the IMF?

The staff level agreement is not being shown to the SL public

Doesn’t the IMF have transparency?

Some in the international arena accuse Sri Lanka of lack of transparency.

Why is the IMF speaking of corruption but not addressing need for a Political Donations Act?

The mandate and the duties of the IMF must see our country growing the economy and reducing poverty

We are unable to see either!!

The IMF will give SL 8 tranches totalling US$ 2.9 billion over four years…

There are 8 conditions for 8 tranches

What are the 8 conditions?

Where’s the transparency

Neither the IMF nor the Sri Lankan authorities appear to Have transparency