Fake Australian wine worth $1.5 million seized

Huge stockpiles of fake premium spirits and wines are tracked down during a campaign against fakes, Nanning, southwest Chinas Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, 6 November 2011. Nearly 200 mainland cities publicly destroyed tens of millions of fake and substandard goods on 6 November as part of a major publicity drive intended to rein in the countrys booming counterfeiting industry. More than 25 million items were confiscated by police as part of Operation Draw the Sword - a campaign which, according to Xinhua, is also aimed at thwarting the production of imitation designer clothes, fake cosmetics and foodstuffs.

More than 14,000 bottles of fake Australian wine was seized by the Shanghai police yesterday, November3 16.

The net worth of the bottles were over 10 million yuan ($ 1.5 million).

China state broadcast states that 13 suspects were arrested.

Suspects said they bought the counterfeit products from southeastern Fujian province at a price of 40 to 60 yuan for each bottle and resold them for around 1,000 yuan at their online store.

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