Former Kaduwela Mayor issues challenge to Wimal Weerawansa

A challenge was issued by former mayor of Kaduwela G.H. Buddhadasa to Wimal Weerawansa, at a media briefing held yesterday December 07.

He stated that Wimal Weerawansa and Co wants to contest separately due to the contract Wimal has undertaken to ensure the victory of the common enemy.

According to the former mayor, Wimal Weerawansa’s party today consists of him and his wife Shashi Weerawansa, as the former deputy leader, former secretary and national organiser have left.

He further states that he thinks that one of his members from Matara is going to join the UNP and that ‘Wimal Weerawansa is like a leech on the back of Mahinda Rajapaksa’.

He said that Mahinda needs to realise ‘what happen when a leech feeds off’ him and that he needs to keep in mind that this is just a precursor to the betrayal in 2020, where they will make UNP victorious.

“Everyone will be able to realise their state when the results of the election are released. By the time you realise this, the patients would have passed away. I challenge Wimal Weerwansa to contest against me, he won’t leave his parliamentary seat, so send Shashi to fight against me,” said G.H. Buddhadasa.

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