Global response to Sri Lanka’s progress in Human Rights achievements extremely positive and constructive – Harsha

Deputy Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs Dr. Harsha de Silva, who delivered Sri Lanka’s statement to the third cycle of UPR review of Sri Lanka on Wednesday in Geneva, said the response to the island nation’s progress in Human Rights from member states of the UN Human Right Council were “extremely positive and constructive”.

“It was a great pleasure for our delegation to hear State after State commend the progress made by our National Unity Government after I made my opening remarks,” the Deputy Minister said in a Facebook post.

He said 90 countries made short interventions and they appreciated Sri Lanka’s commitment and understood the difficulties in implementing its commitments.

“They encouraged us to do more particularly on reconciliation and accountability,” he said.

In closing remarks, the Deputy Minister, who led the Sri Lankan delegation to the UPR review, appreciated the views expressed by all the states to help Sri Lanka to “do even better in providing our people their rights and ensure that our citizens be empowered.”

He said the government is committed to protect the civil political rights as well as social, economic, and cultural rights equally.

“We are determined to take necessary steps to build a firm foundation for Sri Lanka to thrive as a country enriched in knowledge-based, highly competitive social market economy at the center of the Indian Ocean, where all citizens enjoy fully social, cultural and economic rights as well as their civil and political rights in a country that is reconciled, stable, peaceful and prosperous, that respects the rule of law and good governance,” Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva said.