Ever since I put out the last analysis after the statement made by the Chairman of the SPC with regard to the availability of vaccines for Sri Lanka I have been approached by many with different questions.

Here is my personal take on a matter of the gravest import:

The Presidential Taskforce was announced on the 12th January 2021 headed by Lalith Weeratunga.

In 5 months since 12th Jan 21, a total of 2 million vaccines appeared in Sri Lanka from a variety of sources.

Chairman SPC says that 31 million further vaccines are on ‘confirmed order’.

I note that despite this being a matter of serious National interest, Chairman SPC has not put out the details of these orders in the order that the public confidence will be enhanced and doubts can be put to rest. A simple post on a website will accomplish this.

As I analyzed previously there is a net cost of USD 300 million for this program.

They promise these 31 million jabs will be in Sri Lanka by the end of December 2021.

In 5 months we have received 2 million.

What is the confidence level that we will have 31 million vaccines in 7 months?

What of the 600,000 Sri Lankans who received the Astra Zeneca first dose? They are now a very worried group indeed.

With the least publicized differences of opinion between the Chairman of the Task Force and Dr Jayasundera, what confidence do we have that the “Dr. Jayasundera nod” will be given to release the funds needed (USD 300 Million) without resorting to delaying tactics that are couched in concerns for due processes?

And please do not point out that Dr is not at the Treasury when everyone is aware of the real position.

Faraz Shauketaly