ikman.lk ‘Sell Fast’ enables non internet savvy Sri Lankans Harness Full Potential of Online selling

ikman.lk, Sri Lanka’s largest online marketplace ensures members of the public who are not IT savvy and do not have ready access to internet or a computer, an easy way to sell items by posting their advertisements on ikman.lk through its unique ‘Sell Fast’ service.

Launched two years ago, the ‘Sell fast’ service has now grown to over 200 agents island wide. Members of the public with a need to post their ads on ikman.lk and unable to do so due to a lack of computer skills or access to internet connectivity, can easily locate an ikman.lk ‘Sell Fast’ appointed agent outlet through their prominently displayed ‘Sell Fast’ signage.

Sell Fast agents are also located within easy access for customers. Popular cities such as Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, Galle and Kandy have a significant number of agents with other regions within the country also coming on board soon to provide this service.

“The internet can be intimidating for those not used to it. The appointed ikman.lk ‘Sell Fast’ agents are capable of reaching out and assisting customers who need help in placing advertisements on the ikman.lk website thus helping customers interact with the ikman.lk site. “Our goal is to provide a platform that makes advertising easy, accessible which facilitates customers and businesses alike the opportunity to buy and sell fast,” said Ravi de Mel, Director, Category Management, ikman.lk.

In addition to being in a prominent location within the city, ikman.lk ‘Sell Fast’ agents are also those who are in a position to provide this service, such as bookshops and communication centers equipped with computers and Internet accessibility. Some ‘Sell Fast’ agents are also newspaper agencies, which offer services in posting newspaper advertisements or related fields who have included the ikman.lk “Sell Fast’ service on popular demand.

Through ‘Sell Fast’ agents provide customers access to ikman.lk to sell almost anything. Thus enabling the non-savvy IT community an avenue of making use of the popular platform to sell items and make money, or even start a small business by subscribing to ikman.lk’s ‘shop’ service, earning increased incomes.

‘Sell Fast’ agents too benefit due an increased number of customers, by being associated with a popular brand. ikman.lk’s ‘Sell Fast’ service has also witnessed an increase in agents very keen to come onboard. All agents are entitled to a 25% commission for advertisements