NCPA to provide free legal assistance on behalf of child abuse victims

The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) says it is deeply concerned about delays in the legal procedures that violate the right of child abuse victims for a fair trial.

The NCPA says delay in child abuse cases has become a major issue at present and the Authority has taken measures to expedite this process.

As a first step, the NCPA says its lawyers are ready to provide free legal assistance on behalf of child victims of crime.

The NCPA Chairperson Attorney at Law Marini de Livera said the NCPA Legal Unit is willing to facilitate legal representation of child victims and work towards speedy disposition of court cases.

Anyone who requires such legal assistance is requested to call 1929 Child Line Sri Lanka.

Marini de Livera said that she, as the NCPA chairperson, appeared in court on Wednesday (24) on behalf of a child victim on a case that has been dragged for 7 years. The victim in this case is a 15 year-old girl who was sexually molested by a Karate instructor and evidence was recorded yesterday.

The NCPA Chairperson said the Authority’s goal is to conclude such cases promptly and punish the offenders.

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