No shortcomings, no fraud in the gazette notification, Minister says

Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Faizer Mustapha

There are no shortcomings or fraud in the Gazette notification issued regarding the local government delimitations, the Minister of Provincial Councils and Local Government Faizer Mustapha said today.

Speaking at the budget committee debate in parliament, the Minister reminded the House that he is a President’s Counsel and will not do anything to damage the reputation.

“I am a lawyer, Cases have been filed against me. I do not belittle my position, my position as a President’s Counsel is valuable to me,” he said.

Regarding the recent speculation that the Minister has left the country without informing, the Minister said he went to Malta with the permission from the President to participate in the Commonwealth Local Government Conference and to submit Sri Lanka’s application.

“I have taken actions to protect democracy, I will serve justice to the party and the country,” he further said.

He said when preparing the gazette notification on the Local Government delimitation, he informed all the political parties, and he says with responsibility that there is no shortcoming in the Gazette.

The Minister said he is happy to face the judiciary and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party has no connection with it.

The Court of Appeal on Nov 22, considering a petition filed by six voters, issued an injunction order until December 04, for implementation of the gazette notification on the delimitation of local government bodies.

The petitioners from several districts requested the Court to annul the gazette notification alleging that the gazette was issued by the subject minister in violation of the recommendations made by the National Delimitation Committee and the implementation of the gazette notification would cause a grave injustice to the petitioners.

Following the court’s order the Joint Opposition handed over a no-confidence motion against Minister Mustapha to the Speaker of the parliament.

The JO argued that there is no longer confidence in the subject minister because of his failure to hold local government elections at the proper time and the failure of the subject minister to hold the elections has seriously undermined Sri Lanka’s democracy.

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