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Persons who completed quarantine urged to undergo 14-day further self-isolation

Persons who have completed the quarantine process are requested to undergo another 14 days of self-isolation, stated the Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva.

The directive is issued for individuals who had undergone the quarantine process at the quarantine centers or at homes.

It was reported today (05) that a person from Matara who had already completed the quarantine process have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

The patient is a father of 3 from Kohugoda-Akuressa, Matara had returned from South Korea to undergo the 14-day quarantine at the Kandakadu facility. Following the quarantine, he had been allowed to return home on the 24th of March.

However, as a person who had been at the quarantine center with him had tested positive with the coronavirus, he too had been tested for the virus. Accordingly, it has been confirmed that he too has contracted COVID-19.

Meanwhile, the residents in the area told Ada Derana that the relevant person had roamed around in the area instead of undergoing the requested 14-day self-isolation period at home.