Petroleum trade unions say fuel shipment is on the way

Petroleum trade unions say that the fuel shipment, which was purchased from Saudi Arabia, will arrive in the country in two days.

President of the CPC Nidahas Sewaka Sangamaya, Bandula Saman Kumara said that even though the composition of the fuel that is being brought from Saudi Arabia complies with the accepted standards, the fuel will only arrive in the country on November 9.

He added that the fuel shortage will continue until November  11, as it will take two days to distribute the fuel.

However, the Secretary to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources, Upali Marasinghe, assured that the 90 percent of the issue surrounding fuel shortage will be rectified today.

The CEYPETCO Operations Officer, meanwhile, notes that the corporation has sufficient fuel for four days.He added that the fuel that is currently in storage will be sufficient for the main modes of transport.

Long queues were seen at many fuel stations in the country until midnight on Sunday.

Secretary to the Private Tank owners Association of CEYPETCO, Shantha Silva said that the tank owners are without any jobs as the distribution of fuel has stalled.