President makes observations on ‘dark sides’ of several past chairmen of LG bodies

The people should make the upcoming local government elections the first shot in the battle to inculcate a good political culture in the country, remarked President Maithripala Sirisena at a public rally held in Haputale.

According to President Sirisena, they will be contesting the election under both the betel leaf symbol of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) and the hand symbol of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), in specific areas, considering the situation.

“Today, in the historic district of Badulla, I extend to the people a sheaf of betel leaves, I ask them to consider that I have come to their homes and given them a sheaf of betel leaves and ask them to vote for the betel leaf. I call on the people of this country, said the president.

He also stated that there are some people who state that the result of these elections will influence the formation of a government in 2020.

The president responded to the statement saying that “in the past, 80 percent of the Chairmen of local government authorities were accused by the people of being rapists, murderers, drug peddlers, misusers and appropriators of public property. They have been caught in the net of the law, they have been found guilty by the judiciary and they have received severe punishment.”

He further stated that a major obstacle to the progress of our country is the shortage of civilised and disciplined politicians and that therefore the first shot must be fired at this election to cover this shortage and that it is in people’s hand to elect good candidates as members and mayors, who will govern these authorities well and will bring about a good political culture.

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