Prime Minister proposes to renovate and reactivate Myliddy Fishery Harbor in North

Ranil Wickremesinghe has proposed to renovate and reactivate the Myliddy Fishery Harbor in the Walikkamam area of Jaffna in the North to uplift the economic activities in the area.

The Myliddy Fishery Harbor in Jaffna was a major fishery harbor which provided a significant contribution towards the fishery industry before the war in the ’80s.

The harbor was considered unique due to the fact that it could be used even during the North East monsoon period.

During the period of the conflict, the activities of this harbor was disrupted and the activities were restricted as the military occupied the area.

With the re-emergence of a peaceful environment in the Northern Province after the war ended in 2009, the fisheries harbor and its 54 acre land has been released in July 2017 enabling it to be used for the fisheries industry.

Since, the displaced people who were living in the area before the war have returned to the area once again, the Prime Minister in his capacity as the Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs has proposed to take measures to commence the renovation activities expeditiously in the Myliddy fishery harbor.

The cabinet of ministers has given its approval to the Premier’s proposal.


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