Reports on substandard Jet fuel shipment is an attempt to mislead people, Petroleum Ministry says

The reports that the Indian Oil Company (IOC) imported a stock of substandard aviation fuel into the country are false and it is an attempt to mislead the public, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development.

The Ministry in a statement explaining the status of the Jet-A1 fuel shipment brought by the Indian Oil Company (IOC) asked the public to dismiss misrepresentations made by some parties to create an unstable situation in the country.

The Ministry said that as the demand for aviation fuel rose unexpectedly in the recent past, a decision was taken at the stock review meeting held on November 28 to properly maintain the reserved stocks of jet fuel.

Accordingly, as a measure to maintain the reserved stocks, a decision was taken at the meeting to purchase 14,000 metric tons of aviation fuel from Lanka IOC.

The shipment of aviation fuel from Lanka IOC arrived at the Colombo Port on December 10th. The stock was found not up to the specifications when the first sample was tested for quality. It is believed that the fuel was mixed with the rust from the ship.

A second sample was tested on the 17th December according to the testing methods of Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) in the presence of independent observers

The second sample has passed the test and the inspectors believe the rust in the stock has been settled by then.

Accordingly the stock which met the CPC specifications I now being unloaded.

The CPC, reiterating that the jet fuel shipment is of highest quality, said the Corporation is responsibly committed to provide high quality aviation fuel.

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development requested the public to dismiss the false claims made by parties trying to create instability in the country.


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