Several killed in Rio de Janeiro shootout

Photograph: AFP

At least 25 people including a police officer have been killed in a shootout in Rio de Janeiro.

On receiving information that drug traffickers were recruiting children for their gang, Civil Police launched an operation in a favela in the Jacarezinho area of the city.

The death of Inspector Andre Leonardo de Mello Frias was confirmed by the Police.

Two passengers on a metro train were hit by bullets but survived.

The local news reported that the gang targeted in this raid engages in drug trafficking, mugging, murders, and kidnappings.

“To say that drug traffickers recruit children and teenagers to deal drugs is almost laughable because everyone knows that these gangs have minors who work for them”, said  Sociology professor Ignacio Cano from the Laboratory for the Analysis of Violence at Rio State University, as he dismissed the reasons the police gave for the raid.