Sri Lanka acquires automatic defendant surveillance broadcasting system

Sri Lanka has acquired the latest air surveillance and monitoring technology with the operation of a new radar system from Ratmalana airport.

The modernized system was declared open under the patronage of Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Nimal Siripala de Silva today.

The new automatic defendant surveillance broadcasting (ADS-B) system will help Sri Lanka to enhance its air traffic control capacities.

The new technology which operates utilizing GPS Satellites, will ensure the safety of the aircraft creating a satellite communication network between the aircraft and the air traffic control tower.

ADS-B uses GPS satellites to determine aircraft location, ground speed, and other data, and provides traffic and weather information directly to the cockpits. Also the aircraft periodically broadcasts its position to the tower, enabling it to be tracked. Also At the same time weather and geographical barriers will not disrupt the new system.

ADS-B transmits surveillance information about an aircraft in flight or while on the ground – a key advantage for pilots and air traffic controllers.


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